How to choose the best photo for a caricature?

  • Send us a large and clear photo of the person. It is not a problem if they are looking a little bit to the left or a little bit to the right, but it is very difficult to draw, if the person is looking down or up.
  • Zoom in the selected photo. Can you still see the face clearly? If not, it will be hard for us to see it also.
  • Can you recognize the color of the person’s hair or eyes? If you can’t recognize them, it will be hard for us to do it also.
  • If you send two different photos of the person and their hairstyle is different on each of them, please point out which hairstyle you prefer to be drawn on the caricature.
  • It is important for you to take some time and choose a large, clear photo where the person is captured well. Afterwards you will receive a big and clear caricature that really does look like the person in the photos you sent.

A blurry photo can not be seen clearly when zoomed in by the painter. Please use a large and clear photo of the person’s face.

Two photos in one caricature

  • Please note that if you want to bring two people into one caricature it is not necessary for you to send us a photo of them together. Just send their best individual photos. We will combine them into a great peace of art. We do not advise you to send full body photos. Even though we will be able to see their clothes and pose, it is not necessary for us since the measurements are often different than in reality. It is best if you could find an individual photo of every person’s face.
  • We do our best to work with each photo. We also know that it is not easy to find the perfect portrait photos of yourself or your relatives. Even our painters struggle with this. We will do the best work we can with what you send us, unless we know it’s impossible.

Finding the right photo is the most difficult part of the ordering process for a caricature . Perhaps, if you go through your Facebook profile or other social network gallery, a recent photo will appear that would be appropriate.

Here we are showing you how to download a photo from Facebook without losing its quality.

Click on the photo that you want to download. Click on OPTIONS in the bottom left corner and then on DOWNLOAD.

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