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Professionalism, quality, honesty is the motto of our team caricature-me.com. This is a place where you can order a unique art work specially crafted for
You. We at caricature-me.com are a small team of people with unusual and different thinking.
The amazing gifts that we offer are designed to break and emerge from the generally accepted frames and norms in art and this gift would hardly be found elsewhere as it is made from your photos and idea, at the best prices on the market. Caricatures are suitable for everybody for all occasions birthday, name day, anniversary, jubilee or just to finish the decor of the home. The themes of the works you will see are varied and cover different aspects of man’s life and being. May choose from the already existing caricatures gallery or order something unique with your own idea, and to be fulfilled by our talented artists.
We love to turn your ideas into future products which will touch your emotions and memories.

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